When I look back on my journey of conscious development — where I started to understand the world, my role, the possibilities — there’s no doubt that it started as a teenager. Something was sparked in me to explore my potential, to see what I was made of and to learn how to push the boundaries of what I thought were my limitations.

Knowing what I know now, I feel very lucky and blessed to have discovered this thirst for self-education very early, and I know not everyone has taken that same path.

“Supportive accountability is vital for success.”

We all are shaped by life experiences. Mostly profoundly and lasting by our immediate family, specifically our parents or whomever the primary guardian was for us growing up. We learn a lot by watching and as my 16 month old son continues to remind me, kids are watching and imitating EVERYTHING! We teach them what is acceptable — good or bad — in every facet of life.

But of course, parents and family aren’t the only influence and shaper of lives. Teachers, coaches, community leaders are always planting seeds of right and wrong, possible or not, opportunities and dangers.

When you think back to your youth, who was a mentor for you? What life lessons, skills and perspectives did they give you that continues to influence you today?

I’m delighted to bring you today’s conversation with the world’s foremost authority on youth mentoring, Jean Rhodes.

Her previous book, Stand by Me, transformed the field by insisting on rigorous evaluation of mentoring programs and increased training and her latest book lays out an ambitious, practical, and urgent plan for reform that focuses on what young people really need in the 21st century, especially in a realities of a Covid-19 pandemic world.

Enjoy the conversation…

“One important relationship with an adult makes all the difference.”

“Most youth don’t realize you just need to ask.”

What we cover in this episode:

  • How Covid-19 has added challenges to youth mental health
  • The vital role of one important adult relationship
  • What mentoring is and why it’s so  important
  • The power of “Supportive Accountability”
  • What it takes to be a great mentor
  • Why we need to teach kids how to ask for help

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