I don’t know about you but the start of a new year always feels like a new beginning to me. It’s the opportunity to bring fresh ideas, a new level of energy, and excitement for the possibilities in the upcoming 12 months.

It’s also the opportunity to let go of baggage or heaviness of the past year. To leave behind any disappointments or heartache from struggles and setbacks that occurred.

But just flipping the switch like that is easier said than done.

Sometimes it feels like our past experiences and fears are more powerful than our desire to move forward.

“To change the world, we need to change ourselves first.”

When our self-doubt, insecurities and anxieties take control of our decisions and actions we zap ourselves of our innate power — our inner strength to rise up and overcome.

It may be well intended to try to gain back your power all on your own. But it’s usually more effective, more enjoyable and simply faster, to have someone guide you.

So I’m excited to bring you an experienced guide today with a very special guest.

His name is Christian De La Huerta.

Christian has done the deep work and created a roadmap we can all use to navigate life and challenges with true empowerment.

He believes we all have a hero inside of us that is stronger and more powerful than we can imagine. And he has proven it. For more than three decades Christian has helped free people from their limitations and unhealthy relationships, and set them on a path to greater meaning, purpose and self-empowerment.

His latest book, Awakening the Soul of Power is jammed packed with wisdom and insight that only a master can compile and is a powerful reminder of what we all struggle with and what we are all capable of.

Enjoy the conversation…

“Any thought that you are unworthy is a lie.”

“When you see the patterns you can start to free yourself.”

What we cover in this episode:

  • What is meant by ‘power’
  • The confusion and outdated ways of thinking of power
  • How ego is the cause of all our suffering
  • The Extreme SeeSaw of the ego and the impact on relationships
  • Is it possible or necessary to get rid of the ego
  • How to heal quickly from past traumas using breathwork
  • Our ability to choose as our last freedom
  • Why you need to understand how the mind works

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