Following each interview, Chris is joined by his wife, Sarah, for the After Show.

In the After Show episodes, Chris and Sarah dissect their takeaways from the inspiring interviews, discuss how they are applying the wisdom in their own lives and how these topics have affected their journey on a more personal level.

Listen in for candid opinions, personal anecdotes and a dynamic interactions between husband & wife.

In this episode, Chris and Sarah discuss their big takeaways and personal lessons from Chris’ awesome conversation in Episode 57 with Jeremiah Brown.

To Jeremiah Brown, reinvention and resilience are the lifeblood of progress, and as such, he’s spent his life harnessing the power of resilience to adapt to new environments and overcome setbacks, including the grandest of stages, the Olympics.

Jeremiah’s national bestselling book, The 4 Year Olympian, tracks his odyssey going from his parents’ couch to the Olympic podium in just four years, having never previously participated in his sport of rowing.

Redefining the power of enduring uncertainty and trusting others, Jeremiah uses his story to inspire audiences around the world to rethink what is possible for themselves in just four years.

What’s more, Billy is someone who practices what he preaches. He’s jumped out of an airplane more than 100 times, trekked in the Himalayas, Run with the Bulls in Spain, and swam with sharks in Thailand.

He knows what’s it’s like to be uncomfortable and is the author of the fantastic book, Your Comfort Zone is Killing You.

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