Do you ever wrestle with feeling seemingly opposite emotions at the same time?

You’re excited about the project you’re working on but are incredibly stressed frustrated when working on it?

Being a parent makes you super happy but you’re a very anxious parent.

You’re trapped by fearing your money is dwindling but hold hope that it will soon change.

When we face these opposing forces, we often layer more challenge on ourselves by either thinking that one feeling is wrong and one is right. And in the process we make ourselves wrong for feeling whatever we’re feeling. A classic example would be you find yourself guilty for something you did or didn’t do, but then you go ahead and feel guilty about feeling guilty!

“It’s a dilemma when we have to chose sides, but when we accept that both are ok, it is freeing”

But with our infinite capacity to learn and develop skills, managing the complexity of our emotions, challenges and navigating the ups and downs of life is absolutely a learnable skill.

So I’m delighted to bring you today Katherine Bailey.

Katherine has spent decades diving into a deep understanding of the human condition, working with both some of the most disadvantaged members of our society and some of the highest profile, successful and influential members of society.

Through the thousands of interactions she’s had, Katherine’s superpower is to help simplify and ease the way forward for people who are struggling to move forward in challenging times.

What’s more Katherine masterfully mixes the art of calling it straight even when it’s hard to hear and always coming from love.

Enjoy the conversation…

“The first step is often giving yourself permission to feel whatever you feel”

“When we stop trying to defend ourselves, we free up energy to a better future”

What we cover in this episode:

  • The definition of courage that most people miss
  • How purpose and choice play a major role in being courageous
  • Why if it scares you it counts
  • The 3 biggest (or deepest) fears we all have
  • How to manage your fears better
  • The importance of knowing your values
  • Does self talk really work?
  • Understanding your intuition vs your critic
  • What people learn AFTER they acted courageously
  • The amazing link between your greatest fear and your life’s purpose

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