One of the things I find fascinating about the current pandemic we’re living through is that virtually every one, every neighbourhood and every city on the planet is dealing with the same thing…and yet some are dealing with it very differently.

When you examine what some countries, some companies and some leaders are doing and saying, it’s remarkable that with the same data, people can come up with very different ways to interpret it.

It’s a constant reminder that just because we see things a certain way, doesn’t mean that’s the only way…and we always have a choice as to the meaning we give any circumstance or challenge.

And what it ultimately boils down to is managing our perspective.

“If you want a healthy body, feed it well. If you want a healthy mind, feed it wisely.”

So to help with that I’m delighted to bring to you a recent conversation I had with Gene McNaughton.

Gene brings a very clear perspective on dealing with the current environment and what I appreciate about Gene is that he isn’t just forming his views from his own singular vantage point.

You see, Gene is the President of the largest seminar company in North America.

His job is spending time with some of the world’s best business minds, athletes, subject matter experts and inspirational teachers. Recently, he’s launched a free online series called Meetings with the Masters where he goes 1-1 with these extraordinary achievers to find out their strategies and tools for thriving in uncommon times.

I encourage you to not only listen closely to Gene’s views but mostly to take the action he recommends. There is some appropriate urgency in his voice and the wise choice is to do as Gene says.

Enjoy the conversation…

“There is an opportunity in every challenge”

“You’ve got to be aware of how you’re communicating internally”

What we cover in this episode:

  • The role of optimism in pessimistic times
  • What leading thinkers are seeing in this challenge
  • Why kindness within your home can spread to kindness in business
  • You must get educated on what financial reliefs options are available
  • The benefits of social isolation
  • How to come out of this pandemic better than you started
  • How to add massive value to other people
  • Why motivation matters
  • Understanding the feeling of contribution

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