On today’s show we’re speaking with Setema Gali.

Setema is a leader of leaders, coach for the highly committed and powerful speaker who has definitely walked the walk. 

Through relentless commitment and dedication he worked his way to the peak of accomplishment as a SuperBowl Champion with the New England Patriots…and a few years later found himself in the depth of despair when after making millions in the mortgage industry everything he worked so hard for collapsed in the 2008 financial meltdown.

Doing what he needed to do to protect and provide for his family, he sold everything he could – furniture, cars, his beloved musical instruments…and most painful of all, his cherished SuperBowl ring.


“If someone else can do it, so can I”

Not one to stay low for long. Setema has once again rebuilt and reinvented himself and is proof that any obstacle can be overcome with truth, clarity, know-how and high commitment.

Setema now shares his knowledge and experience in order to help others to find and create the greatest version of who they were born to be.

Rarely will you meet a man, father, and husband as authentic, passionate and committed as Setema Gali.

“When in alignment with choices and values, my energy is high.”

“We are meant to serve and make a difference for other people”

What we cover in this episode:

  • How humble beginnings created a drive for more
  • Why it takes more energy to be a victim than it does to go for dreams
  • The blindspots that get in our way of success
  • How reading and self education shifted from being a burden to a quest
  • The 3 books that changes Setema the most
  • How to tell when you’re in alignment and when you’re not
  • How to get down to the REAL truth in any situation
  • The number 1 question you need to ask yourself at this time
  • How to find the blessing in any struggle
  • Don’t slow down, it’s time to double down
  • Why now is the time to binge on mastery
  • The importance of being clear on your outcome in any situation

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