If you ever think you’re going through adversity and nobody really understands you, then you’re about to have your perspective challenged with today’s guest.

In the early hours of Christmas Eve 2007, British Royal Marines Commando Mark Ormrod was out on a routine foot patrol in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan when he stepped on and triggered an Improvised Explosive Device.

Thanks to the swift action of the men around him and the intervention of the Medical Emergency Response Team he was airlifted by helicopter to an emergency field hospital in a desperate attempt to try and save his life.

“You can never quit. Keep going, keep going, keep going!”

An innovative and dangerous procedure carried out onboard a Chinook helicopter en route to the hospital did save his life.

He woke up three days later in a hospital in the UK: with both legs amputated above the knee and his right arm amputated above the elbow. He was the UK’s first triple amputee to survive the Afghanistan conflict.

During his recovery the doctors told him that he’d never walk again and that he should prepare himself for the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Now it would have been understandable for Mark to bitterly withdraw in a state of anger and depression and to resign himself to live life on the sidelines.

It would have been easy for him to cash in his disability pension and whittle away the days, forever regretting the decision to join the Marines and to deploy to Afghanistan, but he didn’t. To the contrary he used his set back as a springboard for growth and reinvention.

Mark Ormrod turned his personal tragedy into an on going story of personal success and he is now committed to helping others who may have suffered setbacks or feel they are not yet achieving their maximum potential to take charge of their lives, unleash their personal power and live a life with #NoLimits

“There is always something more beyond the limit you put on yourself.”

“When you think you’ve reached the end of your ability, you’re only 50% there.”

What we cover in this episode:

  • Why adversity is mostly in your mind
  • The 50% Rule of your potential
  • How to get perspective on your biggest frustrations
  • What Mark learned through intense recovery
  • How you are more than your body
  • How to not let fear control your attitude and decisions
  • Why there are no excuses for not living fully
  • How planning your day drives efficiency

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