To kick off the 2021 year of The Ignition Show, Chris & Sarah share their process for making the most of the year ahead.

Rather than diving into goals and plans for the year, you must start with a thorough look back at the year that just was.

And what a year 2020 turned out to be.

Regardless of Covid, lockdowns and heaps of uncertainty, Chris & Sarah discuss how important it is to take an “elevated” view of the events of the year, what to celebrate, how to get outside your comfort zone and the critical insights and lessons learned from the past 12 months.

Only by starting with looking back can you have the right perspective, focus and freedom to create a remarkable year ahead.

Download your free copy of the Year in Review workbook that Chris and Sarah use to propel their business, health, relationship and personal fulfillment to the next level.

Enjoy the episode…

“Every time you make a decision to expand outside your comfort zone, rather than contract from fear, it works out for the best. Every time!”

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