It isn’t luck that determines your success. It’s expectation.

On today’s show we’re speaking with Dr. Stan Beecham. 

Dr. Stan is a sport psychology consultant and director and founding member of the Leadership Resource Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

His breakthrough work with collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes from many sports has afforded him an insight into the minds of great competitors that only few have had the good fortune to gain.

And isn’t that so true.

The most fundamental difference between people who are deeply fulfilled and those that are miserable or regretful, is that their life conditions matched their expectations of themselves.

Yet as our world seems to move with more pace, more urgency, more demands and more choice than ever before, it’s not easy to make the tough decisions to make big changes to get in more alignment.

So coming back to that greatest regret…it’s not that I just lived life true to myself…it’s specifically “I wish I had the COURAGE to live a life true to myself”

The impossible is done by those who are willing to risk it all. Those who risk the most achieve the most.

The truth may hurt but it never harms.

What we cover in this episode:

  • The two beliefs that create everything
  • The message we get for always trying to be better
  • The problem with perfection
  • How the first 7 years of life impact the rest of our life
  • The one belief that causes us to suffer
  • The two responses to failure (one helps, one doesn’t)
  • How to train your mind for greater focus
  • The power of getting honest, truthful feedback
  • How curiosity leads to greater growth, learning and knowledge

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