Following each interview, Chris is joined by his wife, Sarah, for the After Show.

In the After Show episodes, Chris and Sarah dissect their takeaways from the inspiring interviews, discuss how they are applying the wisdom in their own lives and how these topics have affected their journey on a more personal level.

Listen in for candid opinions, personal anecdotes and a dynamic interactions between husband & wife.

In this episode, Chris and Sarah discuss their learnings and ‘aha’ moments from Chris’ profound conversation in Episode 63 with Jill Wheatley.

Jill was enjoying a life of travel and teaching until one fateful day in 2014 that would change her life forever.

What started as a normal day, working as a health, sport science and physical education teacher in Bavaria, Germany, Jill was (by accident) struck in the head by a student’s line-drive baseball causing a cracked skull and a severely traumatized brain that left her visually impaired, with a life threatening eating disorder and just days away from death.

This put her on an intense roller-coaster of a journey for more than two years in seven different hospitals in three countries. The fear, overwhelm and anxiety of what was happening to her mind and body lead Jill to deeply question the point of living.

But through her countless dark nights of the soul, Jill was eventually able to see more light.

With a change in perspective, living more from gratitude and seeing new opportunities, Jill was able to find the inner strength she never believed she had.

Turning what she saw as the “end of her life as she knew it” into a “celebration of the life she nearly lost”, Jill is embracing her new reality by running mountains around the world and capturing her adventures on her captivating blog at, where she shares her experience to create awareness of seriousness of traumatic brain injury and to help others going through adversity to see light when they might only see the mountains in front of them.

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